Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Could Resist No Longer

After what seemed like months without it, I finally re-activated my World of Warcraft account. I had been weighing up the pros and cons for weeks beforehand. As I am on Uni holidays at the moment I felt like I had the time to spare. However, the fact that I knew I would quickly get tired of playing WoW held me back from buying some time. My girlfriend, initially at least, also held me back. She, and rightly so, warned me of the amount of time I would waste playing the game.

However, one night last week, she suddenly changed her tune. I am still unsure why this occurred, however I didn't really need to know. All i knew is that the most effective barrier to my playing WoW had just crumbled. A few days later, I traded in a few Xbox 360 games and paid the remainder for a time-card.

Like I do every time I come back from a WoW-break, I had visions of grandeur which, in this case, centered around of my desire to level an Alliance Death Knight on the Oceanic Barthilas realm. However, as I have previously found out (and must have chosen to ignore) I don't like playing Alliance on Barthilas, my favourite realm. As such, I was only able to level my Draeni Death Knight to level 61. My heirloom items helped quite alot.

After this failed attempt I flitted from realm to realm, character to character trying to find my niche. I tried some Alliance toons on Oceanic Dradmaul but I got bored of them quickly too. Currently I am playing my Orc Warrior on Oceanic Barthilas. He is level 47 and has been tanking using the new PuG system for the last few levels. I have really been enjoying tanking and have had mainly positive and nice people in my groups.

As of the moment, my favourite level-specific instance is Zul'Farrak. It is quite easy and quick to run with a good group. I like the look of the Troll mobs and even the casters are pretty easy to roundup and Thunder Clap. In the last few days of running PuG's I have only picked up 1 nice item that has not come from the loot bag at the end of each random run. It is this Helm of the Mountain and while I can't use it for another level, I am pleased with it.

I hope that my interest in my Warrior continues.....


  1. I'm sure you won't regret coming back. Thanks for reading my blog. I posted an answer under your comment.

    I would investigate your GF's motives if I were you. Women can be very sneaky sometimes. Does she play?

    The Dungeon Finder is awesome. I wish they had this since the beginning, or at least in BC.

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